A commitment

To Quality Flexibility Trust

Our everlasting goal is to provide products that meets your expectations

Wood panels leaders!

An industry renowned for its innovation, its development dynamic and its human dimension, satisfying the wood panel processing and ennobling market. MPBS provides its customers with machining and contract work services in accordance with the most demanding international quality standards.

MPBS in figures

MPBS is considered as a local market leader with an annual production of 50,000 M3, a 15% of the annual turnover is dedicated to exports and a supervision rate that reaches 20%. This success stems from

43 years

overflowing with maturity, expertise, and tenacity.

207 employees

human capital whose main values are agility and empathy.

3 production sites

a proof of an abundant capacity and a variety of products responding to the expansion of the market.

15 machine lines

equipped with a highly performant technology that offers innovative and flawless products in line with international standards.

Carpenters - Furniture manufacturers - Fitters - Architects - Decorators - Designers

Try Our Simulator!

Aware of the difficulty of imagining the result of the application of its products, MPBS provides creators with realistic simulations, thus helping them to make the best choice in terms of materials and colours available.

Our values make our existence!

Creativity, customer Orientation, Management by objective form the common performance vectors deployed by MPBS at all levels of its production and marketing processes.  

All of our technical and human resources are mobilized in a perspective that resolutely creates values for its customers.


Responsible commitment

MPBS is committed within the framework of a QSE policy to implement a process of
continuous improvement and certification of its processes in terms of quality, safety and environment.

Quality standards

MPBS selects its materials with the most strict criterion, perfectly masters its processes to continuously improve the quality of its products. Customer satisfaction is our major priority.

Environmental respect

MBPS strives to fulfil its responsibilities towards its customers, its employees and its environment. Our objective is to optimize and control our environmental impact and improve our societal impact.

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