Layout solutions

MPBS has been equipped for twenty years with machine lines allowing custom work on manufactured panels.

Equipped with the latest technologies, these lines offers Layout solutions in line with market developments.

Contract work

Our different types of panels sustain several machining possibilities for the production of furniture components, such as cutting, drilling, grooving, edge banding according to the request of our customers, this activity is based on

1- Study office

Considered as a strategic link of our process allowing us to deduct and optimize the technical needs of our customers.

2- Panel saw

Allowing the debitage in rectangular shapes, while ensuring the precision of the dimensions and the straightness of the edges.

3- Edge bander

Covering the edges in PVC, acrylic or veneer in different thicknesses with an unequalled finish and protection thanks to the PU glue that protects the panels from humidity and temperature.

4- Drilling center

For the grooves and the various holes dedicated for accessories assembly.

5- Machining center

For cutting in curvilinear shapes, engraving and ripping.

6- packaging

In bubble plastic or in polyethylene on pallet or in cardboard box, meeting the customer’s requirements.

Furniture components in kit form

A concept aimed at improving your competitiveness by subcontracting your production. This type of service gives our customers the control and flexibility in their production and sales processes.
Box or facade, kitchen or dressing room, a range of choices is offered to you in support or decoration, resulting in a multitude of advantages on different levels: