MPBS Launches its new concept “MPBS ROADSHOW”

MPBS ROADSHOW is a new concept of MPBS that aims to strengthen the relationship between MPBS and the professionals of the wood processing field. Also, it is considered as an opportunity to get closer to the market needs.

The first destination of the MPBS team was the region on southwest where we welcomed our guests in the “Radisson Blu hotel” in Djerba on the 30th of juin 2022.

Our event started with a company introduction, followed by showcasing the main goals of the event; which are getting closer to our target audience, listening to their needs and involving them in our different choices and selections.

The second part of our event was all about the new products and tools brought by MPBS in  2022. We’ve seen the new melamine decors “Silverline” and the new acrylic colours.
That was only the beginning, as we introduced our newly generated tool: The MPBS simulator… It is a tool that you can find in our website in which you can find all the melamine and acrylic decors that you can apply on different environments just by a simple click.

The third and last part of our event was the introduction of the different layout solutions and our very recent product which is door openers
The presence of architects, interior designers, carpenters, furnishers and retailers had a great impact on our debate in which they gave alternatives to our current products in term of design and size.

Our first edition of MPBS Roadshow was the announcement of a revolution in our relationship with the major interveners of the wood panel processing sector.

Click here to watch the after movie of MPBS Roadshow Djerba!

Our journey continues with other regions and other guests.

MPBS Roadshow… closer to you!